I first began publishing articles when I interned at my local newspaper during High School. I remember my extended family gathered round the table at my grandparents’ farmhouse, reading my work aloud each week. I remember the nervous butterflies as I awaited their feedback — relief at their laughter and paralysis at any throat cleared with confusion or, worse, disappointment. I don’t remember any of the topics themselves. Those pieces, save a few my mother clipped, are lost now, somewhere in the abyss of the paper’s archives. At the time, newspapers were just beginning the conversation of going online, so my long-winded embarrassments missed the immortalization of eternal access. Thank you, God.

I met my husband, MPR Reporter John Enger, back when we were both wannabe writers at Minnesota State University Moorhead. He challenges my beliefs, sharpens my prose, and humors my schizophrenic dreams. He also inspires the majority of what I write. Many of the early posts found here are from a previous blog, titled Married to this Man, which I began as a mystified newlywed. We’ve come a long way since those oversimplified memories. Now he is an award-winning journalist and I am the communications director for one of the largest art centers in our region. We have a son. Thieving time, where did you run off to?

I love blue-sky television and deep, thoughtful literature. I’m an impatient cook, but bake a mean loaf of bread. I’ll drink any cup of coffee you hand me, regardless of the brand. Alongside my “day job” in communications, I also work as a freelance writer. I’m published in both trade journals and lifestyle magazines, but consider myself to primarily be a writer of fiction. Follow me on Instagram.