Marketing your book doesn’t have to be this frustrating!

Feeling overwhelmed?

As an author, your role is to bring beauty, insight and substance to our culture. It’s unfair that today’s publishing industry also expects you to be a marketing expert. How are you supposed to do it all?

I believe that the quality of today’s literature hinges on giving writers their solitude back. That’s why I equip authors to take it back for themselves.

“Good Enough” shouldn’t be a bad thing…

My name is Emily Enger and I am here to reclaim the phrase “good enough” from the hustle culture that appropriated it. As a book marketing & publicity coach, I help poets, fiction and creative nonfiction authors incorporate minimalist marketing strategies into their creative process so they become successful without feeling overwhelmed.

So much book marketing advice out there is targeted at entrepreneurs and authors of prescriptive or educational nonfiction. Where is the help for creative writers whose work requires slow, contemplative mindsets? Can you even sell books and have a thriving career without the rat-race or hustle?

I designed the GOOD ENOUGH book marketing method for authors who are ready to get back to the foundation of being a writer (to spend most of their time WRITING) while still fulfilling the basic marketing responsibilities of a modern author.

Let’s Bust Some Myths & Free Up Your Time!

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Just a few of my opinions on marketing books!

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Some past clients, making me blush…

“Emily’s network of contacts is amazing. Her grasp of digital advertising and category targets helped my latest ebook get to #2 in its Amazon category!”

Wendell Affield

“Hiring Emily was the best decision I made when considering the overall product of my novel. I strongly recommend Emily for your literary needs.”

Dana Reiner

“Emily provided coaching service for publishing & marketing my book. She walked me through, answered my questions, and cheered me on. I am very appreciative!”

Polly Scotland

“Emily is knowledgeable and caring and goes the extra step to ensure her clients have a solidified brand plan.”

Mia Tsai

“Emily Enger has been an important part of the success I have had in my self publishing journey.”

Terry Smith

“Emily’s marketing experience helped immensely as I navigated the rough waters of launching a debut novel.”

Linda Mackillop
Christy Award Winner