My birthday was last Wednesday. I woke up to this breakfast in bed:

Vanilla yogurt with fresh peaches/granola. Grapefruit. Freshly brewed French-press coffee.

And, following my long workday, came home to this supper all prepared and ready to consume:

Salad with homemade vinaigrette dressing. Chicken/potato stew in tomato sauce.

Because we both had work/school that day, we are going to celebrate over the weekend with a short camping trip! I requested John hold off on my present until then, but he made me open his gift last night, saying it wasn’t useful for camping.

Before John let me open the gift, he told me: “This is just the first half of your gift. The other half is me not complaining about using the gift.”

Shirley Temple & Friends DVD collection…and a very excited me!

Yep. I married a keeper….


This is a picture of a husband-wife writing team. Recognize them? If you are a film guru, they may be more familiar, as they are most recognized as scriptwriters. Their names are Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett. Their scripts? Many classics, some you may recognize: Father of the Bride (1950), Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (1954), and (one of my personal favorite films) It’s a Wonderful Life (1946).

Read a bit about them at this bio of theirs:

This, also, is a picture of a husband-wife writing team. Recognize them? Okay, I won’t get corny. This is my husband and I. In my last post, I talked about my surprise at discovering how wonderful it was to be married to another writer. And we are, indeed, a writing duo, as we spent the summer working on a [currently undisclosed] writing project together, as well as collaborating as co-editors for another project. After a google search, I have discovered several husband-wife writing teams, of both mystery and romance novels. None really interested me. But the Goodrich-Hackett team? I want to follow in the footsteps of the classics. I had known that Father of the Bride was written by a husband-wife team (thank you Turner Classic Movies film introductions!) but I was shocked to discover so many other of my favorite old films were from the pen of that same couple.

As my tagline for this blog says: It’s better when we’re together. Perhaps the same thing can be said of art.


The hubby and I are both writers. What’s it like being married to someone whose hobbies and talents mirror your own? When I first began dating John, I assumed we would get competitive.

Not the case.

Yesterday, we were wasting time on campus, checking e-mail and preparing (as much as we could) for classes, which began today. We had the whole day ahead of us and were trying to plan what to do on our last day before school’s resume.

Problem: I didn’t want to do anything. For the first time in about two weeks, I was in a “writing mood.” All I wanted to do was sit somewhere comfy with a pad of paper and pen and just think and analyze and compose.

But that would be rude. Not spend our last day of freedom–of our “honeymoon summer”–living life and having fun with my husband?

But after several attempts at mediocre ideas, John and I were still left staring at each other blankly. I finally broached my desire oh-so-hesitantly and with a mix of nonchalance only to hear: “Actually, that sounds great.”

We aren’t each other’s competition – we’re each other’s perfect match.

We spent our casual, relaxed Sunday knocking down the door of writer’s block and prepping our minds for the coming semester. We are nerds.

But we finished our day by renting a movie, if that normalizes us for some of you.

My Dream Home

John and I like to go for walks/bikerides around town and admire/drool over houses. I have already given him a long list of “musts” for a home in our future. It will be in the country, only a few miles out of a small town, with a woods nearby and some water. The following is my ever-growing list:  (No, I am not high maintenance….) 😉

This door will lead into my kitchen
A worn, white picket fence surrounding my garden. I’ll take that cute little girl, too…
A spacious front porch with lots of character

A piece of butcher’s block as countertop so I don’t have to wash so many cuttingboards each time I cook
A spacious kitchen with wood cabinets painted white

We still fly

I’m at Dunn Bros today, eating lunch between my shifts at work. I need to share an epic moment that just happened a moment ago!

I plugged my headphones in to my computer to listen to a  Lady Antebellum song I’ve had stuck in my head recently. It’s a Tom Petty cover that they do; I fell in love with it several months ago when I discovered it on YouTube.

The chorus of the song had just begun when I heard a rumble that penetrated my headphones. Suddenly, a plane flew overhead and I watched, mesmorized, through the large window of the coffee shop.

This is a picture of the plane that flew by. It is a navy plane from the Blue Devil’s Air Sho which is practicing for its performance later this week. I had heard on the radio that some roads were closing for these guys to practice; I was unaware that it was the location I was at!

The plane zipped a line so straight and true you could have balanced a ruler upon it. Then, it tilted to its side, curved around, shot up higher in the sky and disappeared from my view. It wasn’t even that “showy” but I was floored.

As Lady A sang in my headphones, I basked in a rebirthed pride at every point of courage our military represents.

This was my little “priority realignment” moment. I’ve never lost my pride in the United States military, but it’s also been a couple of years since my last show of respect at a memorial/celebration service. Maybe, during this Navy Week, it would be a good moment to catch up on that.

The Lady A/Tom Petty cover I was listening to? Pretty apt…

what else is summer for?

Jobs are on my mind right now! I just left work and am sitting at Moxie Java on Broadway, waiting for my husband to finish his first day at his internship so we can grab supper together. After our meal, I am off to do some training for another position at my boss’s co-business.

So….work, work, work. Including the hubby’s internship, we are both working two (part time) jobs right now. Trying to find time for eachother between four work schedules is starting to prove difficult.

And to think – school hasn’t even begun yet!

Ah, well, we shall achieve a balance as soon as we figure out what we’re doing! Right now, we are both brimming with excitement over our respective jobs. John is learning all about the radio business and I am teaching young students how to write.

I’ll leave you with a favorite quote of mine, from the esteemed Abraham Lincoln:

Whatever you are, be a good one.

from a laundromat in Moorhead

I may regret starting a blog when my home doesn’t have internet. Public locations advertizing “free wi-fi” are deceptive. All those loads of laundry and/or cups of coffee are going to add up eventually.  But on the other hand, posts written “on the run” are sure to be more concise, perhaps full of more adventure.

Today, I dropped my husband off at work before coming here to do our much-overdo laundry. This is the first time I’ve actually stayed at the laundromat while my clothes were being done. In the past, I have always started up the machines and then left to run errands. (usually groceries…). I realized this time how odd the laundromat culture is.  We are a diverse population of people who mechanically fold our undergarments with a dispassionate silence. This is not the place to eavesdrop, but boy is it the place to people watch!

Today there was a lady who was very serious about her laundry. I am a college student who does laundry economically: separate the whites from the colors into two loads but dry everything together. Not this woman. She took up half the wall of dryers with her tiny loads all set at different time increments. She laid her jeans flat on a table and stretched and smoothed every last wrinkle out. And her sweat pants! She grabbed each end in a hand, wrapping the garment behind her back and yanked on the poor pair of pants as if they were elastic stretch bands. I bet she would have had better luck had she stretched them like this:

As for me, I will go home and lay my damp, wrinkled clothes out on our bed as they finish drying.  I figure anyone who takes exception to a wrinkle or two in sweatpants is missing the point of having sweatpants…