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How do you market a book?

It’s not fair that in today’s digital market, authors are expected to be professional marketers in addition to storytellers. That is, however, the reality. Even if you publish with a traditional house, authors are responsible for purchasing or building their own website, running active social media pages, and developing a personal brand in order to engage readers and sell books.

​Not to mention self-published or Indie-published authors, who must do all that in addition to running sales, writing blurbs and press releases, approaching book stores, and every single piece of getting their book in readers’ hands.

When are you supposed to find time to write your next book?

​I’m here to help! I offer multiple packages to help customize the parts of book marketing you struggle with, including ongoing personal coaching or one-time marketing health assessments. I also take a select number of clients each year and run their marketing for them. Contact me to inquire about openings.

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Grow Your Audience Before You’ve Finished Your Book

It’s a vicious circle: in order for your book to do well, you have to have a built-in following of readers who support and purchase your book. But in order to get fans, you have to have a book for people to be a fan of. So what do you do when you’re writing your first book? How do you grow your social media following and make a name as a writer if you aren’t published yet? Can you push your writing credentials in a way that doesn’t lead to Imposter Syndrome?

Social Media Basics

As a writer, what platforms provide the best reach? How do you keep up with all the updates? How often should you post and what types of content? How is running a “brand” as a writer different from your personal social media page?

Combining Traditional & Digital Marketing

Is print media dead? Are only non-readers on Instagram? How do you market to your specific audience when that audience is so disparate?

Headache-Free Marketing

No, not all press is good press. No, you don’t have to advertise everywhere. “Every little bit” doesn’t always help. Myths such as these are the reason so many marketers are burned out! You cannot afford to get overwhelmed by marketing – you have to write more books! Let me teach you how to streamline your marketing and use only effective strategies that leave you more time to do other things!

Create a Press Packet

In one workshop, you will come away having created ALL the necessary items to describe your book and attract media attention. This includes a blurb, description, press release, introductory email, —–. You will even get an email list of book-related media contacts to start sending info! This class should be taken before you are ready to publish, as you will need these pieces in the publication process. We will also discuss how to photograph your book once it is complete.