Notable articles that I’ve written for various publications. Questions regarding any of these pieces? Contact me.

Fiction, Essays & Creative Nonfiction

Traditions & Memories | The Country Editor
A Different Kind of Summer Job | Woodworker’s Journal
Remember | Lutheran Social Services of MN
John’s Kayak | The Country Editor
Universal Language | Red Weather Literary Journal
View from the Ball Turret | Silver Wings
A Woman’s Touch | Silver Wings
Boots Ezop at the Battle of Remagen | Silver Wings
She Kept the Farm Alive | Silver Wings
Intrepid Under Fire | Silver Wings

Marriage & Parenting

I Did Not Teach My Son How To Laugh | Motherly
Great Expectations and Further Falls | Start Marriage Right
Vegetables Speak Louder Than Words | Start Marriage Right
The First Six Months Really Suck | Start Marriage Right
Lessons on Marriage in the Digital Age | Start Marriage Right
But You’re Making Me Look Bad | Start Marriage Right
Five Everyday Tips for Marriage Maintenance | Start Marriage Right
De-Cluttering Beyond the Closet | Hyland’s Naturals

Book Reviews

12 Faithful Men | Fathom
Fallen Mountains | Fathom
This Too Shall Last | Fathom
Handle with Care | Fathom
The Whole Life | Fathom

News Articles, Features, Trade Magazines

The Necessity of a Good Trademark | Wine & Craft Beverage News
Legislative Decisions that impact farm labor | Country Folks Grower
Child Labor Laws in Agriculture | Country Folks Grower
Breweries boom in greater MN | The Growler
Sigurd Johnson goes out on a high note as director of NDSU marching band | YourClassical MPR
Advanced Learning and Networking with NAFDMA | Country Folks Grower
Deuces Wild Dueling Pianos puts music and humor in the spotlight | YourClassical MPR
Learning the hard way: protect your business from theft | Country Folks Grower
MN grower learned horticulture from charitable stranger | Country Folks Grower
Barrel-Aged Gin at Spirit Works Distillery | Wine & Craft Beverage News
Kickstarting a Brewing Business | Wine & Craft Beverage News
The Immigrant Farmer | Country Folks
California Drought’s Impact on Farmers | Country Folks Grower
Growing Off-Grid in the Midwest | Country Folks Grower
North Dakota State releases landmark 30-year set of choral recordings | YourClassical MPR


I wrote “Millennial Mysteries” from 2014-2017, a business column that ran in Country Folks Grower and Wine & Craft Beverage News, two nationally-distributed magazines targeting the agriculture, horticulture and craft beverage industries. Click on each title to read the column.

A new column for generational concerns
Should you market to Millennials?
How to target Millennial customers
How to attract young professionals to your business
Employee rewards programs rarely work
Clues to help solve your business’ generation gaps
Basic tips for running a Facebook business brand
Mentoring as marketing
The envy generation
Is your business meeting needs?
Shifting expectations of a ‘standard workplace’
Advertising with the internet
Was that really a ‘young people’ problem?
When your employee doesn’t work
A sense of possibility
Traditional vs. modern: it’s not either/or
Work martyrdom high among young people
Quality images improve social media marketing
Myth: Young people only buy from other young people
Using Pinterest to spread your brand
When desperation motivates ambition
Reaching Millennials takes more than good intentions
What type of Millennial is your target audience?
Millennials as managers
Believing the wrong assumptions
Convenience is key
Transparency through social media
Can small businesses offer career tracks to their Millennial employees?