Create An Author Brand


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Have you ever opened your favorite social media app and thought, “What the heck am I supposed to post?” Or been interviewed by a reporter and struggled to answer a question because your mind was spinning with “How much is too much to share? Can I go there? Is that appropriate?”

You need to come up with a brand, my friend.

When most people think of a “brand,” they envision a business or corporation. But celebrities, influencers, artists…they all have a professional brand (or “image” or “personality”) that the world knows them for.

What about authors?

An author brand is unique in many ways. Writers are trying to be their authentic selves and not create a deceptive persona as they interact with fans. So many don’t feel the need to consider a professional brand. But this lack of defined image can often leave them drifting and confused when it comes to marketing themselves and presenting an image to the public.

Authors who don’t have a decisive brand also struggle to maintain and grow an audience because their messaging is so scattered. Because they don’t yet know themselves (professionally-speaking), they don’t know how to best position themselves in front of the right readers.

This workshop is for any author who feels like they can’t quite get their hands around their marketing efforts, including:

  • Published authors of any publishing path
  • Unpublished writers trying to define what they want their career to look like
  • Authors of any genre (including children’s books and poetry)
  • Brand new AND established authors

Please note: Due to the interactive and sometimes-sensitive topics that these questions can bring up, the workshop will not be recorded. You must attend live. Thank you for understanding!



In this workshop, participants will develop a “brand guide.” A brand guide is a multi-page document defining one’s mission statement, marketing tone/voice, color scheme/mood, and ideal reader you are targeting, as well as your general public image ethic and your main passions, hobbies, or causes. By thinking through and putting to paper what you want your image to be, you will dramatically simplify future marketing decisions. Why? Because you are focusing your message and keeping yourself in check and on point.

Creating a brand guide for yourself as an author does not have to be restrictive or legalistic. It should actually expand, strengthen and boost your career. Brand guides help you make decisions about things like:

  • Will I publicly talk about controversial subjects? (And if so, how should I position my perspective?)
  • Who is my target audience (aka “ideal reader”) and how can I find them more efficiently?
  • What type of media and podcasts should I pitch myself to in order to find that target audience?
  • How do I change my public image if I don’t like the current perception of myself as an author?
  • What do I want to be known for and how can I take actionable steps to fulfill that goal?

Most importantly: creating an author brand will save you TIME in the long run. At GOOD ENOUGH BOOK MARKETING, we cut through the noise to teach you the essentials of marketing your book so you can skip all the new-fangled distractions and get back to writing. And the best way to keep your marketing tight and focused is to start your career with a brand guide so you don’t have to think about the one million little decisions that are going to come up later.

This workshop will cover:

  • Your marketing voice (ie: tone)
  • How to have a cohesive image as an author even if your books are very different or you write in multiple genres
  • How to redeem/recover your image after a mistake
  • As you grow and change as a person, how do you alter your current public perception without betraying your audience
  • The ways a brand guide can help you come up with ideas to post on social media
  • Colors! Do authors have to think about color palette to the same extent that a business brand would?
  • How understanding your author brand will help you or your publisher come up with better descriptions for your books that better targets that Ideal Reader!