Pre-Order Bonuses That Actually Convert


Ditch the putsy, “gimmick-y” offerings. Let’s find the perfect pre-order bonuses that actually incentivize readers to buy your book!

Pre-Order Bonuses Matter.

Pre-order bonuses incentivize readers to buy your book before your official launch day. These early sales have MASSIVE benefits for the long-term success of your book. Done right, they can:
  • Help authors land on bestseller lists
  • Bring in more reader reviews on platforms like Amazon
  • Earn organic visibility on sales platforms so your book is recommended to more new readers
  • Make you more desirable to the media to land bigger and better publicity on a faster timeline

But not everyone gets these kinds of results from their pre-order campaigns. Why? Because their bonuses aren’t good enough to land the sale.

Authors can waste SO MUCH TIME creating and distributing small bonus trinkets that their audience doesn’t actually care about. And then they are out time, money, and all the potential sales and career growth a good pre-order campaign could have gotten them.

Don’t lose this opportunity to transform your career with pre-orders. My 11-page Pre-Order Bonus Guide walks you through why pre-order bonuses matter, how long your pre-order window should be, and essential principles to guide your pre-order bonuses. But most importantly, it includes a massive idea generating list of bonuses that are high-quality, not hokey. What types of bonuses will actually make readers thirsty to get your book RIGHT. THIS. MINUTE? Download today and find out!