PREPARE: The Ultimate Book Marketing Foundation


A self-paced video course helping authors of creative genres get ready to share their book with the world.

The PREPARE course will cover:

  • How to know if your book is truly done or needs one more draft
  • How to leverage trade reviews as early social proof of your book’s quality
  • Is your author website designed to get the attention of industry professionals: journalists, bookstore owners, event coordinators, and agents/publishers.
  • Create multiple-length compelling descriptions of your book and understand where to use each one most effectively
  • Why networking is vital to your growth as an author and—more importantly—how the heck do you do it?!
  • Pre-order bonuses are not just a fad, but they only spur sales if they’re high quality. What makes a useful pre-order bonus vs a gimmick?
  • How to optimize your sales page on Amazon (and elsewhere) so that more readers who land on your page actually buy
  • Are social media, blogs, and newsletters actually essential for an author? Establish a connection point with your readers that matches your personality, honors your time, and fits your personal boundaries.
  • Create a professional Media Kit so you’re ready to land more press coverage and better quality interviews
  • Taxes. Everyone’s least favorite topic, but let’s make sure you are set up properly BEFORE all those marketing expenses start rolling in!

Plus Free Handouts!
This course includes a massive list of high-value pre-order bonus ideas, plus editable Canva templates to help you quickly create all your social media author banners and a professional media kit.


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